Iarsholas / Afterglow


Ar shroichint deireadh a téarma don Uachtarán Máire Mhic Róibín.

A Shoilse, is tú ’las
an solas a d’fhógair
fán ar ghorta
an spioraid.

Ar imeacht duit,
go maire níos mó
ná iarsholas
id dhiaidh.

Go maire fuil rábach
na físe
is ná déantar di
aisling tuí

a cheansódh
an fiach dubh
faid a lobhfadh
na prátaí.


On President Mary Robinson Reaching the end of her Term.

Your Excellency,
it was you that lit the lamp
that proclaimed an end
to a famine of the spirit.

As you go away,
let more than
an afterglow
live on after you.

May the bold pulse
of your vision beat on
and not get made into
some phantom of straw

to keep the dark raven
while the potatoes

©: Mícheál Davitt.

This poem in Irish was commissioned by Bord na Gaeilge, Dublin, to whom we are very grateful for permission to publish it.

Translation: © The Wales Famine Forum.

Note: President Mary Robinson, the first woman to hold the post of President of Ireland, was elected in 1990.
She resigned on 12 September 1997 in order to take up her appointment as Commissioner for Human Rights at the United Nations in Geneva.

Published in The Green Dragon No 4, Autumn 1997

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