Cyflwynwyd i Ed ar Ddydd Pen ei Flwydd yn Bump ar Hugain Oed.

Fy mab caf ganu heddyw
I'th bump ar hugain oed,
Ni roddaist ddolur calon
I'th dad na’th fam erioed :
Diddanwch y gorffennol
O flaen ein cof sy’n fyw,
Ond y dyfodol o dan Sêl
Does neb a’i gwyr ond Duw.

Yn dringo at i fyny
‘Rwyt ti mewn llawn fwynhâd;
I lawr yn Rhosydd Moab
Y cerdda'th fam a'th dad :
Teimladau cudd ein mynwes
Chwedlant am dy lwydd;
Dy wthio'n nes i arall fyd
Y mae pob dydd pen blwydd.

(‘Dy Dad’)

Dedicated to Ed on his Twenty‒Fifth Birthday

My son I can sing today
For you are twenty five,
You never gave an ache of heart
To your father or your mother :
The delights of the past
Are alive in our memory,
But the future is under a seal
No one but God knows it.

Climbing on the up and up
Your are in full enjoyment;
Down in the Moab Marshes
Walk your mother and father:
The secret feelings of our hearts
They speak of your success;
Pushing you closer to another world
Is each birthday day.

(‘Your Father’)

This is one of two poems in Welsh from a few handwritten documents found in an old book about Edith Cavell purchased in Swansea in 1999.
Enquiries among a number of specialists have failed to identify the poet who signed himself with the unknown bardic name, Arfonfardd.
Any assistance in identifying him would be very welcome.

My translation gives some idea, perhaps, of their rather old‑fashioned but charming style.

Another poem by ‘Arfonfardd’.

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