When Wales Went to War

by John O’Sullivan, Cardiff.

Press Release

9 October, 2004.

The air raid during which Saint David’s Cathedral, Cardiff, was destroyed by German fire bombs is recalled in a new book by Catholic journalist John O’Sullivan.

When Wales Went to War tells how two priests, the late Canon Patrick Creed and the late Father Michael Murphy, saved the Blessed Sacrament from the burning Cathedral on March 4, 1941.

Firemen and parishioners knelt in Charles Street as the young Patrick Creed carried the Blessed Sacrament to the Church Hall, which was then used as a pro‑Cathedral for the next 18 years.

The book also tells the story of Stephen Whitehouse, a Cardiff University student who died while fire watching. He was the older brother of the late Father Bernard Whitehouse, Administrator of St David’s Cathedral for many years. The brothers had served Mass at Saint Mary of the Angels, Canton, Cardiff on Ash Wednesday, 1941, the day that Stephen was fatally wounded in an air raid.

The book gives a full account of the blitz in Cardiff, Swansea, Newport and other parts of Wales. It also records heroic deeds by the people of Wales, at home and overseas.

One of the heroes was David Lord, of Wrexham who was training to be a priest before joining the Royal Air Force at the outbreak of war. He was posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross after the supply aircraft he was piloting crashed in the Dutch town of Arnhem.

The author, a parishioner of Saint Teilo’s, Whitchurch, has been a journalist for 50 years and has written for Catholic newspapers for more than 40 years. He has dedicated his book to World Peace.

When Wales Went to War, published by Suttons, of Stroud, price 12.95.

Available in most major book shops.

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