The Leek and the Shamrock

A series of three public lectures in Welsh on a variety of links between Wales and Ireland delivered during the National Eisteddfod of Wales at Tredegar House, Newport, 31 July 7 August 2004.

1. Monday 2 August, Pabell y Cymdeithasau, 1.00 2.00 o'clock.
Martin Culliford: The Chartists and Ireland.

There were Irish among the armed Chartists and among the soldiers who opposed them in John Frost Square, Newport, in 1839.

Chair: Paul Flynn, MP.

Martin teaches in a comprehensive school near Newport. A local historian he comes from England and has learned Welsh.

Eleven articles on this website about the Irish in Newport, Monmouthshire and Gwent.


2. Wednesday 4 August, Pabell y Cymdeithasau, 1.00 2.00 o'clock.

John Iorwerth Davies: 'Pat' O'Brien, Eisteddfod Conductor'.

The subject of this talk, Edward David ('Pat') O'Brien (1910 - 1953), was the son of an Irishman who disappeared in unexplained circumstances after marrying Pat's mother, a Welsh speaker from the former county of Montgomeryshire.
'Pat' was a schoolmaster, a concert conductor, an eisteddfod adjudicator and an outstanding personality.

Chair: Barry Tobin.

Full text of the lecture in English

Iorwerth Davies is a prominent public librarian and an experienced bibliographer who was born in Montgomeryshire.
His book, Pat O'Brien 1910 1953, written in Welsh, was published in 2003 by CymrodoriaethTalaith a Chadair Powys'.

This book soon went out of print but was reprinted in time for the eisteddfod.

3. Friday 6 August, Y Stiwdio ('The Studio'), 1.00 2.00 o'clock.

Elinor Bennett: Developing Cultural Relations between Wales and Ireland.

A review of the efforts that have been made in Fishguard by Myles Pepper and his supporters (including Elinor herself) at ArtsWaveto develop enduring links between Wales and Ireland.

Chair: Lenna Pritchard-Jones.

Elinor is a harpist celebrated in Wales and beyond.


The Irish in 17th century Pembrokeshire



A gentle hand of understanding across the sea
is the story of our mission,
two hands go beyond two shores
and clasp in a single kinship.

Two hands in a quiet grip, and two hands
keeping two lands safe,
the two grasping, come what may,
the same truth on the same horizon.

(Mererid Hopwood, St. David's, August 2002. Trans: Wales Famine Forum)


Arranged by: The Wales Famine Forum.
(A Registered Charity No: 1057587).

Chairman: John Sweeney.
Treasurer: Joe Moore.
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