Y Fendigaid Fair / The Blessed Mary

Y Fendigaid Fair

Troisom ein cefnau arnat, Forwyn Fair,
A’th barchu’n llai na doli glwt o ffair;
Yng ngolau llachar Crist a’i fythol wawr
Dallwyd ein llygaid i’th gyfraniad mawr.

Amheuwyd ganwaith dy ddidwylledd, do,
A gwnaethpwyd di fel merched rhad y fro.
Anghofiwyd mai tydi oedd cyfrwng Duw
I ddod a’i unig fab i blith y byw.

Dy nosau effro, ‘oes a’i rhifodd hwy?
Gwawdiwyd dy fab, ond ceraist Ef yn fwy,
Ac ni wyr neb yn iawn ond Ef a thi
Pa ingoedd ddaeth i’th ran ar Galfari.

Gwrando ni heno yn dy nef uwchben,
Derbyn dy barch dyledus, forwyn wen,
A maddau’n awr bob rhyw amharchus air
Ddaeth dros ein gwefus, o Fendigaid Fair.

: Einion Evans, 1969.

The Blessed Mary

We turned our backs on you, Virgin Mary,
And respected you less than a rag doll from a fair;
In the blazing light of Christ and his eternal radiance
Our eyes were blinded to your great part.

Your sincerity we doubted a hundred times, yes,
And we treated you like some cheap local girl.
We had forgotten that you were God’s means
To place his only son among the living.

Your sleepless nights, who has counted them?
Your son was mocked, yet you loved Him more,
And no one but He and you can really know
What anguish was yours on Calvary.

Listen to us tonight in your heaven above,
Accept your due respect, holy virgin,
And forgive now every disrespectful word
That came from our lips, O Blessed Mary.

The author, Einion Evans, from Flintshire, was born into a typical Nonconformist family in 1926. The son of a miner he himself worked in Point of Ayr Colliery as a young man. Later he joined the Flintshire County Library. He won many prizes at local eisteddfodau. In 1983 he won the bardic chair at the National Eisteddfod for a poem arising out of his grief following the death of his only child, Ennis (herself a promising writer) a few years earlier.

Translation: Wales Famine Forum.

Cyhoeddiwyd yn / published in The Green Dragon No 11, Summer 2002

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