The Green Dragon: a magazine from the Irish community in Cardiff, Wales.


Pat O'Brien 1910 - 1953

An introduction in English to an unlikely book in Welsh about a unique Welshman whose father came from Ireland and whose mother was from Montgomeryshire.

Pat O'Brien 1910 - 1953

Cyflwyniad i lyfr annisgwyl yn y Gymraeg am Gymro unigryw y daeth ei dad o Iwerddon ac ei fam o Sir Drefaldwyn.


In the summer of 1996 the first of what was to be just two editions of a new quarterly magazine in Welsh, Y Ddraig Werdd, was published by the Wales Famine Forum. It was hoped that the new periodical, the first such publication in Welsh by a group representing immigrants, would be a means of informing speakers of that language about an aspect of the history of Wales of which few inside or outside of their country, even professional historians, are aware. However, after two editions had appeared, it was decided to wind up the operation. This was not just because of disappointing sales, but more importantly, because of the lack of writers prepared to address the theme in the Welsh language.

We then launched The Green Dragon, using a title translated from that of its precursor. All ten editions planned have now been published.

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The pdf versions, which include all the illustrations, may differ slightly from the text versions because the opportunity has been taken to correct some spelling and other errors.

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Green Dragon No 1: December 1996

pdf (1.4 Mb)

Green Dragon No 2: March 1997

pdf (1.7 Mb)

Green Dragon No 3: June 1997

pdf (1.3 Mb)

Green Dragon No 4: Autumn 1997

pdf (1.9 Mb)

Green Dragon No 5: Winter 1997

pdf (2.5 Mb)

Green Dragon No 6: Spring 1998

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Green Dragon No 7: Summer 1998

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Green Dragon No 8: Spring 1999

pdf (2.6 Mb)

Green Dragon No 9: Winter 1999 / 2000

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Green Dragon No 10: Spring 2002

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It seems appropriate at this point to acknowledge the contribution of member Andrew Jinks who in 2010 prepared most of the first set of pdfs.

After that our Chairman, John Sweeney, proof read and completed what Andrew Jinks had begun, bringing the entire project to a conclusion in February 2011.

The Green Dragon No 10 was the last printed edition. Since then we have published three further editions online only:

Green Dragon No 11: March 2002

Green Dragon No 12: May 2005

Green Dragon No 13:August 2011

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