Good Taste

I love fine cheeses and good claret wine;
I want others to savour these tastes when I die.
My mother loved roast beef, dripping and tea;
These things and more were served at her wake.
Her mother loved sweet apple pie and good stout;
Imagine the jigs that were danced when she died.
Her mother loved tea-brack and a large tot of gin;
A fine spread of food was laid out at her wake
. Her mother loved mash and a jug of poteen;
Good measures of spirit were there when she died.
Her mother knew only potaoes and milk;
And the last thing she ate was her spit.

©: Glenda Renyi. She is of Irish descent and lives in Bristol with her Hungarian husband. With Bob Wilson, Steve Hennessy and others from that area, she did the M.A. course in Creative Writing at Bath College in 1995/96 where they choose the module, ‘Representation of the Irish Famine’, taught by the historian Graham Davis.

Published in The Green Dragon No 2, March 1997