Halloween event for One World Week
Cardiff University RC Chaplaincy, 62 Park Place.
Lecture: "Wales-Ireland links, ancient and modern".

Speaker: Roger Price.

A Welsh speaker from Llanelli with roots in County Tyrone, Roger is completing a doctoral thesis at Swansea University on links between Wales and Ireland from the earliest times. In 1992 the then Swansea City Council published his book, Little Ireland: aspects of the Irish and Greenhill, Swansea. In August 2000, during the Wales National Eisteddfod in Llanelli, he delivered a lecture in Welsh on The Irish in Swansea.

Following the lecture by Roger Price and before the refreshments appear a member of the Wales Famine Forum gave a brief talk on 'Halloween in Wales and Ireland'.

The venue is a chaplaincy and so the evening began with Mass, celebrated at 7.00 pm by the Chaplain, Fr. John Owen.

It was Halloween and we were looking forward to All Saints on Friday the first and to All Souls on Saturday the second of November and looking back at the Celtic origins of this remarkable time of the year.

The Mass, the refreshments and the other features of this Welsh–Irish event reflected all of these things.

At the same time, in the spirit of One World Week, it helped to build some bridges of understanding and friendship between Wales, Ireland and, bearing in mind the international spirit of the Chaplaincy, the rest of the world.