To Mother Teresa

When doubt comes to me anon
With its patronising tone and air
To reproach me that my faith has gone
In the face of the world’s cruelty and despair,
I shun the theology spun by the wise
And the works of the masters so rare,
To mingle with the hordes of the naked and bereft,
Where I receive the very answer from yourself;
For when I see you on your merciful tour
Treading the bleak streets with Calcutta’s poor,
Like the Man of Galilee in His time,
There comes to me a proof so good
That there’s no force in this whole world wide
Mightier than God’s love in a heart of flesh and blood.

©: Barry Tobin, Bray, County Wicklow, Ireland (Third Sunday of Advent – Gaudete Sunday – 11 December 2005).

This fine tribute to Mother Teresa was published in Welsh in Barddas (the magazine of the Society of Welsh Poets) in its edition No 284 (August / September / October), 2005.
The author, Morgan D. Jones of Maesteg, very kindly gave me his permission to publish it on this site in his original Welsh and to translate it as best I could into the English version above.

Two more poems to Mother Teresa:

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2. A Psalm to Mother Teresa
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