Poems from ‘The Shanachie’,

An Illustrated Irish Miscellany, Vol. 1,

Dublin, Maunsel & Co., Limited, 1906.

Note that all the links below are to .jpg files scanned from the original volume.
‘The Shanachie’: Title Page

‘The Shanachie’: Table of Contents

Jane Barlow (1857 – 1917):

‘The Sorrows of Song’: I. ‘From the Bush’

‘The Sorrows of Song’: II. ‘In the Hand’

Tudor R. Castle (no dates):


Padraic Colum (1881– 1972):

The Builder

Alfred Perceval Graves (1846 – 1931):

The First Winter Song

Seamus O’Sullivan (1879 – 1958):

Eve and Lilith

George Roberts (1873 – 1953):

‘Your Question’ and ‘A Lark Singing in the City’

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