Triban Cyfareddol o Forgannwg

A Charming Four‑Line Verse from Glamorgan

I have had a look in ‘Tribannau Morgannwg’ (edited by Tegwyn Jones and published in Llandysul by Gwasg Gomer in 1976).

This marvellous book is a treasury of traditional four‑line poems in Welsh from Glamorgan. I was delighted when I found the following:

Mi welais ferch o’r Ystrad
Yn dirwyn gwlân y ddafad
Yn bellen fawr o gylch ei bys
Er gwneuthur crys i’w chariad.

My translation:

I saw a girl from Ystrad
Winding wool of the sheep
In a big ball about her finger
To make a shirt for her sweet.

Perhaps the writer himself was the lucky lad!

Anyway, verses of this kind were meant to be sung and one of the desirable qualifications in a ‘swain’ or ‘maid’ was the ability to sing all of the live‑long day.

In his introduction Tegwyn Jones says,
“Ym Mro Morgannwg, yn ôl G.J.Williams, gellid weithiau weld ‘rhes o gerbydau’n aros ar y briffordd, a’r teithwyr yn gwrando ar ganu’r bechgyn yn gyrru’r ychen . . . dros feysydd llydain y Fro’ ”.

(“In the Vale of Glamorgan, according to G. J. Williams, one could sometimes see ‘a line of coaches stopped on the main road and the passengers listening to the the young lads singing to the oxen as they drove them across the wide fields of the Vale...’ ”).

By Barry Tobin

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