Y Ddraig Werdd

A short-lived magazine in Welsh from the Irish community in Cardiff, Wales.


In the summer of 1996 the Wales Famine Forum committee decided to publish a quarterly magazine in Welsh as a contribution to their efforts to bring the history of the Great Famine in Ireland and its effects on Wales to the attention of Welsh speakers.

The first edition, of 12 pages, 'Autumn, 1996' came from the press in time for the Neath and District Wales National Esteddfod.

Just three of the thirteen articles in that first edition had been written in Welsh, the remainder had been translated from English.

The second edition, of 24 pages, 'Winter, 1996', was published in October.

Following that, the venture ended because of poor sales, but more importantly, because of a shortfall in original contributions in Welsh. The committee concluded that it would not be appropriate to continue on the basis of numerous translations from English and Irish which involved considerable efforts on the part of committee members and their friends to produce hand-me-down material for the magazine.

It became necessary to switch to English and the first Edition of The Green Dragon came on the market on the threshold of Christmas, 1996.

So that's the story. We believe that our impulsive publication was the first all Welsh magazine to come from any ethnic community in Wales. What a pity that we didn't have the necessary persistence.


We are sorry, but to proceed to details of the two editions by clicking below you will need to be able to read Welsh!

Y Ddraig Werdd, Rhifyn 1

Y Ddraig Werdd, Rhifyn 2.

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